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Ever dreamed of earning money without spending a cent?

Now you can, with Aussie Punters! We capitalise on horse racing and a wide range of sports on Australia's top betting platforms such as Sportsbet, TAB, and Betr, converting them into effortless real cash for you. Explore the added benefit of our Referral Program, providing the potential to earn over $500 or MORE per week. Join us for hassle-free earnings!


Scroll down to find out all you need to know in "Our Services" and how you can make easy earnings in our "Referral Program"  


Finally for all your unanswered questions click on our "Testimonials" and "FAQ" sections or contact us directly through our Facebook page

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Experience risk free winning at Aussie Punters, where everyone comes out on top. The real losers? The bookies exploiting punters to the tune of $1.5 billion a year in Australia alone. Join us today and secure your free $200 – because at Aussie Punters, Victory Is A Guarantee!


Aussie Punters enables you to profit from the betting industry without YOU needing to risk or gamble a single cent.

To assist you in earning money effortlessly and without any financial risk, we offer advance payments for using your betting accounts to capitalise on bets that bookmakers offer.

You Don't Spend A Cent

We Pay YOU In Advance

Zero Risk

Refer Your Friends and Family and Earn BIG $$$



Our Purpose & Mission
To put it simply and in a nut shell...

Bookmakers aim to restrict individuals like us from placing bets because we consistently

generate profits, unlike their preferred customers who tend to lose week after week.

Naturally, they've restricted us from placing bets. This is where you come in...

We're seeking individuals to join us and allow us to utilise their bookmaker accounts in order for us to continue to place bets.

Don't worry if you don't have any accounts, we can set them up for you.

As a token of appreciation, we're pleased to offer you money in advance, entirely risk-free.

At Aussie Punters
Everyones A Winner

We offer instant cash in exchange for permission to use your bookmaker accounts to place bets.


Sign Up NOW

Join over 100 other

Aussie Punters NOW and receive your

free $200


Get onboard Our Referral Program

check out our referral Program below for more information

Referral Program
Depending on how many people you refer, you could earn $500 or MORE per week
The Skies The Limit!

Get your friends to message us on Facebook and ask them to mention that you referred them. Alternatively, share the sign-up form button below with your friends or family and ask them to enter your name in the second question. It's that easy!


Invite friends and family to Aussie Punters, and you could earn over $100 per referral! Our ladder system ensures that the more you refer, the more money you make. Start maximising your earnings today!

For Those Of You Who Are In It To WIN IT!!!






Upon the successful setup of your first referral, we will transfer $50 to you within 48 hours.


Speed up the process by providing us with your second referral – the sooner you do, the quicker you'll receive your next $75.


3 to 5 referrals

Time to get excited! 

now your on your way to making the big $$$

from 3 to 5 referrals earn $100 per person



6 or more referrals




What if I don't own any bookmaker accounts?

No need at all! You don't have to create any betting accounts to join. We'll handle the setup for you based on the details you provide in the sign up form.

Which betting accounts do you create?

We create and utilize the following betting accounts: TAB, Sportsbet, Bet365 and Betr.

How and when do I receive my $200?

Just filling out the application form doesn't ensure a payment. The payment will be processed to your specified bank account (as indicated in the form) once all accounts have been successfully created and verified.

Does it matter if I already have bookmaker accounts?

The $200 payment is only for specific betting accounts: TAB, Sportsbet, Bet365, Pointsbet and Betr. If you already have these accounts, the only payment option is to transfer them to us and use an alternative bookmaker like BetDeluxe. Consider exploring other bookmakers such as BetDeluxe, Bluebet, Crossbet, Palmerbet, and Elitebet, which offer improved odds, varied markets, and appealing promotions for punters.

How do I qualify to enrol?

  • Male

  • 18+

  • Valid, unexpired driver's license.

Can women sign up?

Due to the constraints imposed by the betting industry on female betting accounts, running them profitably becomes exceptionally challenging for us. Regrettably, we are unable to process female applications for this reason.

However, an excellent alternative for females is to become a referrer! You have the opportunity to earn $500+ per week (refer to the above section on our referral system for more details).

Sounds risky, is it safe?

In the sign-up form, you will find a section outlining the terms of agreement. These terms serve to safeguard both your interests and ours, ensuring that you receive the promised benefits. For more information on our Privacy Policy click the link at the bottom of this page.

How long do we use the betting accounts for?

The $200 you receive enables us to use your accounts until the accounts become restricted. If you intend to continue using your accounts, kindly transition to an alternative bookmaker not listed above.

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